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- How we changed UK insurance forever

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Learn how we boosted conversion rates by over 50% and created an umbrella brand.

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We used a mixture of consistent branding and latest technologies to boost our clients conversion rate.

When we were first approached by ‘WeCompare’ (formerly VanCompare) to redesign and develop their website and journeys, we were assigned two main tasks; to increase their conversion rate on their comparison site, and create consistent branding to tie together all their different ‘’ domains.

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Red: 25   Green: 102   Blue: 255



Red: 2   Green: 205   Blue: 86


Red: 143   Green: 136   Blue: 255


Red: 24   Green: 37   Blue: 70


Red: 111   Green: 118   Blue: 137
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A Portal for all
Compare Customers

We created one of the world’s first centralised portals that deals with everything from comparison to claims.

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WeCompare became the umbrella brand which all the ‘Compare’ brands sat under.

Following the success of the VanCompare revamp, we were contracted to help them develop products in all spheres of the insurance market, including Bike, Car, Home and more.

Thus, we proposed the idea of creating the Umbrella brand ‘’, under which all of their other brands could sit. We created consistent branding across all 12 of their new individual websites, developed unique, highly converting landing pages and web journeys for each of these sites, and linked all the websites back to WeCompare, creating a unified brand, allowing them to easily cross promote their products.

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wecompare insurance

The WeCompare App,
Transforming Insurance.

The WeCompare App is being developed for iOS & Android and will allow its customers to access the portal within the app.

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