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- How we brought ticketing into the 21st century.

Setting a new standard for ticketing

Learn how we took ticketing analytics to a new level with Stubba.

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We used a mixture of next-gen technology and beautiful UI with a unique pricing model to drive change in the ticketing sphere.

When we were presented with Stubba as a project, we knew that we had to offer something technology-driven and unique in order to compete with the large number of existing companies operating in the market.

Thus we built the platform with the customer in mind; we removed all the hassle by allowing customers to buy tickets in a single tap and remove the need for paper tickets. But most importantly, we implemented a unique payment model that allowed the event holder to set the booking fee, and keep 50% of whatever fee they set. We found that on average, with the choice, event holders set the fee 30% lower than on major event sites. This meant that the savings were passed on to the customers, and the event holders earned extra revenue.

Stubba Apps

We created an iOS and Android Mobile App which was designed to streamline the process by allowing users to buy tickets in a single tap and remove the need for paper tickets.

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